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Your host, Greg Bruetsch, is a professional sports fishing guide and offers a premier fishing charter service on Eagle Lake in Northwestern Ontario. Eagle Eye Guiding specializes in hunting down Monster Muskie, Trophy Walleyes, Ferocious Northern Pike, Feisty Smallmouth Bass and Lunker Lake Trout.

Quick Breakdown of Eage Lake's Fishing:

Muskie: Eagle Lake is one of the Best Muskie Lake in Ontario. Average weight is 20lbs, which is 40" to 45" long. We have caught Muskie in the 50lb range and up to world record weights, which are Muskie in the 55" to 60" range.

Walleyes: We have caught Walleyes up to 15 lbs. They average around 2 to 3 lbs. On an average day a guest can catch between 20 and 40 Walleyes per day and some hot days guests are catching over 100 Walleyes.

Smallmouth Bass: We do catch bass up to 6 and 7lbs, which is 18" to 22". They average around 4lbs, which is 15" to 16". In the summer you can expect to catch 20 to 30 Smallmouth Bass in a day. Smallmouth Bass fishing picks up in the fall where you can expect to catch 30 to 40 bass in a day.

Northern Pike: We have caught Northern Pike in the 25 to 30lbs range, which is 45" to 50". They average in the 4 to 10lbs range. If we target large Pike then you can expect to catch 5 to 10 larger fish. If we target numbers then you can expect to catch 20 to 40 Pike.

Lake Trout: We have caught Lake Trout up in the 20 to 30lbs range. The most common sizes are 10 to 15lbs. A guest can expect to catch 5 to 10 Lake Trout per day.

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About Your Guide in Greg's Own Words

My family has run a lodge on Eagle Lake since 1948, which was build by my grandfather Sam. My parents wanted to retire and sold the lodge in 2009, but I maintained my guiding business. I have spent my whole life on Eagle Lake and nobody knows the fishing like I do.

I started guiding when I was 13 years old. Fishing helped pay for college and allowed me to graduate from broadcasting and find work in the television industry for 12 years. Much of my experience involved being a camera operator for a fishing show. I have been back in Northwestern Ontario and guiding full-time with my business, Eagle Eye Guiding, since 1990.

I am a multi-species guide. My goal is to produce large fish each day. Fish species depends on which fish the customer wishes to target. My guiding has taken me to a few different parts of the world. I have guided on Great Bear Lake in the North West Territories and have fished extensively in Mexico during the winters.

My true passion for fishing is realized by my guests when they fish with me, especially when I am Muskie fishing here on Eagle Lake. These big monsters definitely get me excited. I have fished and won a few local tournaments for both Walleyes and Muskies and was the North American Junior Champion in 1976 with Muskies Inc. Tournaments are fun but I still prefer the friendships that are developed with the day to day fishing with my clients. I really enjoy teaching children and beginners to fish and to respect the environment that we are so fortunate to be able to use.

Many of my clients return year after year and many great friendships have developed over the years. It would be my pleasure to have you and your friends or family join me for a truly CANADIAN fishing experience.

Best Regards

Lakes I fish

I mainly fish Eagle Lake and it's feeder lake systems. Eagle Lake consistently produces great numbers of Walleyes with true trophy potential each day. Eagle also has a fantastic Smallmouth Bass population, which is often overlooked because of all the other species that are available. In late September and October we often have 30 to 40 fish-days with many Bass between 18" and 21".

Because of Ontario's recent development of a slot program for Northern Pike, we are now producing many big Northern Pike in the 10 to 20-pound range. Lake Trout populations are good with most averaging 8 to15 pounds with a few each year reaching the 25 to 30-pound range.

Eagle Lake is famous for it's Giant Monster Muskies. Many avid Muskie hunters believe that the next world record will come from Eagle Lake. Muskie are indigenous to North America. In all of USA and Canada, there has only been four Muskie caught in history that have reached 60 pounds and two of those were caught in Eagle Lake. The two biggest and most well known are the Louie Spray's World Record and Ken O'Brien's Ontario Record, which neither was caught in Eagle Lake.

Muskie fishing is my specialty. I boat many fish over 50" each season.

I target monster Muskies right into November. Mid September thru the end of October are the big fish months here on Eagle Lake. I have been guiding on Eagle Lake for over 30 years. A big lake means big fish. Trophy caliber Musky, Walleye, Northern Pike, Smallmouth Bass and Lake Trout are all available and I know where they are.

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