Eagle Eye Guiding Ice Fishing

In the North Western part of Ontario there are literally hundreds of lakes we can ice fish in the winters.

There are several lakes close to my house actually that do not get fished all summer but are teaming with fish and have excellent fishing in the winter. Thru January and February we mainly concentrate on Lake Trout fishing as they are very active that time of year.

Around the end of February thru March and into the first two weeks of April we are mixing it up with some fantastic Walleye, Northern Pike and Sauger action. The Lake Trout fishing is also very good thru this period. We are mainly using tip ups and small ice fishing rods with 6 and 8 lb. test line for the walleyes and Saugers with small jigs or Lindy Rigs and minnows.

With Northern Pike we are using about 20lb mono with dead ciscoes. For the lake trout we are using 10lb. test mono with tube jigs and other jigging spoons with minnows and ciscoes. I have about 5-7 lakes we can fish for multiple species within 10 miles of my doorstep.

My guests usually bring their own snowmobiles or 4-wheel ATVs if there is not much snow. Many of the lakes I fish have open water creeks around the portages that give many guests the opportunity to get some great nature and wildlife photos as well.

Guided day trips 8 hours

  • 4 or more people - 250.00 US funds per day
  • 3 or less people - 175.00 US funds per day

    We take along a stove for cooking on the lake, all guests are responsible for their own food. Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions about my Ice fishing trips. This a beautiful part of the country in the winter with fantastic fishing opportunities to be had.

    Come join me for a wonderful winter experience.

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