Testimonials & Reviews:

Been fishing with Greg for 5 years. Great guy, great guide, you can't go wrong. Tell him Rich & Cheryl sent you.

Rich & Cheryl
Rockford IL


Greg is a wonderful guide: knowledgeable, patient, and a true professional! We always enjoy our outings with him and we come back with a boat-load of fish.

Allen & Julie Boyd - USA


Greg is a great guide who grew up on the lake. He's a great teacher and put us into some great musky

John Yoder & Jon Wilbeck Lindale
Tyler, TX


We were pretty decent fisherman and were humbled after our fishing trip to Canada. The lakes are big and every spots looks great. We ended up hiring Greg for our second trip and had great success on how to get up to speed on techniques, how to locate fish and stay on them. We find that we catch nearly double the fish with Greg than we normally do by ourselves. I also hire guides to take clients out in the US and Greg flat out is the best Walleye fisherman I have ever seen in 40 years of fishing. Hiring him the first or second day of your week is highly recommended! I just finished my seventh trip t Canada and am hooked. Greg is also personable and great to fish with.

Russ Plewa
Franklin, WI USA
Proud Eagle Eye Guiding client since 2010


I manage a large fishing network on the Internet here in Ontario. I have hundreds of people emailing me each year asking where to go for the type of fishing they like best. Some ask questions directly about Eagle Lake and others just don't know where to go. After analysing their questions and determining that Eagle Lake would suit their needs, I tell them about Greg. Eagle Lake is a gigantic lake with gigantic fish. It's one of the top freshwater fishing lakes in the world. Every lake is different with different structure and the fish respond to different baits and techniques. Being new to the lake and not knowing where the fish are most concentrated is a major factor in your sucess or lack of success. Hiring Greg for a couple of days or even a week is not only educational; it will increase your success immensly. Greg grew up on Eagle Lake. His parents owned a lodge on the lake from before he was born. He knows every inch of the lake and where the fish are. He is not just some guy driving the boat; he is a world class fishing expert and is very serious about you catching fish. Hiring Greg is your best investment if you are looking for fun, adventure and soar arms from reeling in fish all day.

Gary Skrzek
iMarket Outdoors - Ontario



Just a quick e-mail to thank you for helping put my uncle, Dad, and me on some walleye and bass last week on Tuesday and Thursday while we were staying up at the lodge. Going to a new lake, especially one the size of Eagle can be intimidating the first time and you really helped reduce the learning curve.

I went back down to Jackfish bay on Friday morning and scored a smallmouth in the 4 pound range on a topwater (see photo). I broke off three others that were bigger on the weighted tube that wrapped me in the pencil weeds.

Also on Friday, both my dad and uncle were able to catch slot walleye in the 24 inch range which made their trip.

Finally, at about noon on Friday, I was throwing that little tube on six pound test line around a rocky point in Vermillion Bay and was catching quite a few smallmouth when I hung a muskie. It tail walked twice right next to the boat but I was able to get it under control after about 5 min. Although it was only 37" (actual length - I didn't add on an inch or two), it was one of the highlights of my trip and I can now understand why you spend all day lobbing those giant lures hoping for a follow. After about 5 min, it was totally revived and swam away strong (see photo).

Let me know if you want me to mail you any drop shot weights, tubes, or weighted hooks - I honestly have a garage full of the stuff that the companies send us at Bass Zone and would be more than willing to ship up some of that "bass stuff" if you can't find it around your area.

By the way, I added one photo of a largemouth that I caught last month here in Oklahoma just for proof that we actually do have some big fish in the States.

I'm sure that I'll be talking about my week at Birch Dale quite a bit during the bass radio show on Monday at 7:00pm CST. If you're around a computer, you can watch it at www.sportstalk1400.com.

Thanks and have a great summer and I hope to be up at Birch Dale again next year.

Matt Pangrac